Metal Bending

Sheet metal bending

Our production site possess two press brake machines and we are perfectly set up to offer excellent performance and produce high precision folded metal parts for our clients. We offer metal bending services using our state-of-the-art machines that gives the ability to produce tight radius and high precision bends on sheet and plate metal.

The maximum bending capacity of bending parts we provide is up to 6000mm in length and 15mm thick, with 400 tons press force.

If you wish to get a price offer for your requirements, kindly send us a DXF file or drawings in any other fromat using the contact form below or by email and we will get back to you. 

Our bending machines:

metal bending
Press brake Durma AD – S 30220

Thickness up to – 12 mm 
Width up to – 3050 mm 
Power 220 tns

metal bending machine
Press brake Bystronic PR400/6200

Thickness up to – 15 mm 
Length up to – 6000 mm  
Power 400 tns